The guideway cab

Guideway cab is the Dutch word for personal rapid transit (PRT). It is a type of automatic people movers. A people mover which is especially made for individual use. This tells the definition of the guideway cab also: A guideway cab is a system in which a person or a small group travels in a small public vehicle. And that vehicle brings them from the departure station to the desired arrival station without intermediate stops or over-steps

Guideway cab system: cabins drive along an own guideway, non-stop to a station, which the passengers have programmed. A central computer conduct unmanned cabins to stations with transport command. It is public transport without intermediate stops, without change and (generally) without waiting. A seat place is guaranteed. Due to electric traction, the guideway cab is nearly noise free and exhaust gases free. (Except the power plant of course) The spatial occupation lies in the order of a bicycle path. The guideway has no cross points. The stations are placed at shunt guideways, so the stopping vehicles waits offline. See the schematic below:

Characteristics of the guideway cab:
    1. Small, fully automated electric vehicles (i.e. without drivers).
    2. Small guideways that can be elevated above ground, at or near ground, or underground.
    3. Vehicles captive to guideways and reserved exclusively for them.
    4. Vehicles available for use by individuals singly, or in small groups traveling together by
        choice. These vehicles can be made available for service 24 hours a day, if required.
    5. Vehicles able to use all guideways and stations on a fully connected ("integrated") PRT
    6. A direct origin-to-destination service, without need to transfer or stop at intervening
        stations (i.e. "nonstop" service) within a whole network, not just down a corridor.
    7. A service available on demand rather than on fixed schedules.

The name guideway cab
The dutch word for guideway cab is baantaxi. This name tells that PRT is like a cab: personally transport. And yes, a cab that needs a guideway. But that guideway enables rapid transport, which is also quite environmentally sound and very safe.